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Metal Detector & Check Weigher

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Combo Digital Metal Detector and Automatic Check Weigher
Metal detect reject machine
Food metal detect equipment
Food Metal Detection
Weight Sorting Machine
metal detector Scanner
high precision stainless steel check weigher

Spare parts of Combination Multihead Weigher & Packing machine

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AD mould with Cover for Combination Weigher
Aluminum Assembly for head weigher
Bearings for Vertical Packing machine
Coil (Linear Vibrator) in 10 Head Weigher
Collect Chute in 14 Head Weigher
Connecting shaft in vertical form fill seal machine
Cutting knife of VFFS
Dimpled Linear Feeder Pan of Multihead Weigher
Drive Pulley with Shaft of Vertical Packer
Feed Bucket of Highdream Solid Weigher
Gear Box of BOHUI Packing machine
Heating tubes for Sealing Jaws of Packer
Linear Bearing of FFS

Vertical Packaging machines

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Chips Packing machine Head scale
Combined compact Food weigh pack bagger
Automatic weight pack system
Spice Sugar Packing machine China
Free fall Metect detector funnel
mini doypack machine
Powder Auger Filling pack system
quad seal block bottom packing machine
salad beans packing machine
small packing machine
two in one multihead weigher packing machine
vertical packing machine
Form fill seal machine


S.S.R. company - Not only the packing machines manufacturer, but also the seller and Service supplier.
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Two in one machine, less space and higher effective. World-wide famous electrical parts, easier to buy spare parts.
More Metal Detectors & Weight Checkers, please.....
Multihead Weigher stands on Packing machine directly, less space, lower cost, but higher precision and wider usage for foods (snacks, beans, rice, etc) and non-foods (hardware, apparel, jewelry assembly, etc).
More Vertical Packing machines & Sealing machines .......


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ST.Sunrise Automation Technology Co. Locates in Guangdong, China. We devote to manufacturing and designing for Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine, Checkweigher machine, Metal Detector, Multihead Weigher and Cookies Making machines. Our machines widely used and meet the needs of many customers in many fields, such as in the fields of puffed food, snacks, deep frozen food, agriculture industry. All machines get CE approval and some meet IP64/IP65. 80% machines are exported to worldwide.
Our stuffs are major in packaging machinery more than 10 years. We know much about what you need, so we can re-design and modify machines to meet your requirement. Most of our machines use world-famous spare parts and we have good relationships with many suppliers, thus you can get spare parts anytime and you don’t need to worry about the after-service.
Let us appraise your needs and we will be happy to provide affordable for you!

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