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Automatic motorized packing rotary table for collecting goods

Rotary Collecting Table is designed for collecting of full and welded bags and for easier way of their further manipulation. Basically used for discharge conveyors (Output conveyor) or check Weighers. After agreement it is possible to use it for other purposes or as a part of packaging line in arrangement, where is this device used as feeding storage table and collecting table. Table is equipped with electromechanical and transducer drives. As option it is possible to supply stainless model or table with other adjustments.

  • RT
  • SSR

Revolutions: 10 rpm /min
Diameter of board:  1000 mm
Supply Voltage: 220 V
Power Input: 400 W
Dimensions:  From Sketch
Structure: SUS 304
Table Diameter; 1.2 meters


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