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Automatic Dry garlic peeling machine Peeler

This unit is a dry washing machine of high value (garlic is not going through water washing). The principles of the machine applying advanced air compressed technique to peel off naturally, which may guarantee the quality of garlic clove and the highest garlic peeling rate. Due to it is not through machine colliding and squeezing, it thus will not cause damage to the garlic.
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1. Completely automatic dry-peel operation.
2. Useful, energy saving, compact, high production efficiency, easy to maintaining and cleaning and low malfunction rate.
3. Automatic temperature control and in feed device, easy to operate.
4. It can peel different size of garlic, clove and membrane separated, product meets the health standard.
5. Suitable complete production lines or working on single.
6. Without damage, the garlic can have long preservation.
7. Production output according varieties from breed, season and nature of garlic,  200~300 kg/hr approximate.

8. Weight 120KG , Total Power 0.3-3 KW
9. Air compressor (Option) apply for exhausting is 1
600-2000L/min or 20 HP, the air pressure is 8~10 kg.

Capacity200~300 kg/hr
L960 x W730 x H1760 mm
Motor Power
Weight120kg Approximate
Internal made by stainless steel
Air Compressor
Over 1600-2000 L/min or 20HP
Air Pressure8~10kg/cm3
Power Source220/380 ACV Or according customer's supply source



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