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High-efficiency Garlic Shallot Bulk Clove Breaking Separating Splitting Machine

Using motor as the motivation, the machine adopts pivoting triangular belt to drive the main shaft working in the process. The garlic bulbs are separated by the rubbing of the upper tapered silicone plate and the flat silicone plate. The machine can get almost the same effect as handmade. We can get the best separating effect by adjusting the interval of the flat silicone plate and tapered silicone plate. The separating rate can reach up to 95%. The air blower inside the machine can separate and recycle garlic skins and garlic stems. The machine has got the advantages such as: stable performance, compact conformation, time & power saving, high efficiency, low damage, easy maintenance and so on.
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Product features:
1.The slab rubbers are made of high quality food silicone materials, with the advantages of high elasticity, durable and antifatigue.
2.Stable performance, high efficiency, low damage.
3. Compact conformation and small occupation.
4. Time & power saving, high efficiency.
5. Low damage, easy maintenance.

Power of motor:   0.75 Kw
Power of air blower:0.37Kw
Weight:   100Kg
Capacity:  800-1000kg/hourV



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