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Auger Filler Feeding system complete line for powders, spices, etc

For all dry products that have consistency of granule size and powders. In some cases auger filling equipment can be used as a depositor for moist products such as cooked rice and pastes.
Ideal choice for very fine powders such as talcs, flour, and baking soda which tend to get airborne with other systems. Auger fillers are also capable of relatively high fill rates compared with net weight fillers and take up less floor space.

With different packing machine, the finished bags' size range will be different too. Please choose the right model according to your products and cost budget.
  • SP2-Zipper
  • SSR
  • China
  • Volumetric Auger Filling machine
1. Stainless steel 304
   (Machine frame & Contact Parts)

2.  Multi Bag Format, NO BAG NO DUMP

3.  Easy Operation and adjustment, Low maintenance cost

4.  Interlock

5.  CE approval 


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