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Pillow bag, Gusset bag Packing machine

It is deal to make pillow bag & Gusset bag for 100-2500 grams products.
It can be connected Auger Filler, Head weigher, cups filler, etc, to pack different sorts products.
1. Film Pulling driven by Servo
2. Horizontal Seal Jaws: Pneumatic drive or Servo Drive to be option.
3. PLC and touch screen operation interface with choice of languages and access restriction feature.
4. Simple and fast bag size changeover with one-piece forming sets.
5. Exact alerting to prevent product to be jammed between the jaws.
6. Photocell for centering of printing.
7. Data printer (hot stamp) is automatically set.
8. Stainless steel as standard version for excellent durability and sanitation.
  • P520

  • SSR

  • China

Model P520.1 P520.2
Horizontal seal Jaw driven Pneumatic Servo
Packing Speed 10-60 bags/min
(depend on the materials)
10-100 bags/min
(depend on the materials)
Bag Size L=50-300 mm, W=80-250 mm
Film Roll Max Film Roll Width= 520mm
Film Material Standard machine: Laminated film, like OPP/CPP,OPP/PE,MST/PE,PET/PE, etc
After Modified: Single layer Polyethylene film
Core Inner: Φ 75mm ; Outer diameter 400mm
Install Power AC220V, 50/60HZ
Total Power 4 KW
Air Consumption 0.6 Mpa, 0.2m3/min
Weight 550kgs
Dimensions 1650x1300x1700mm



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