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Conveyor Detectronic Metal Contamination Detector for Foods, Shoes, Clothes Processing Industry

1. Detector made by hard filling technology ,the Metal detector have better stability.
2. An intelligent learning function, automatically set parameters with simple operation
3. Multiple filtering algorithm, X - R orthogonal decomposition algorithm, stronger anti-interference
4. Phase intelligent tracking technology, better stability
5. Anti-interference photoelectric isolation drive, remote installation operation panel
6. Base on adaptable DDS and DSP technology , they can improve detection sensitivity and stability;
7. Store 100 kinds of product parameters by ferromagnetic random access memory
8. Frame and roller made by 304 stainless steel ,strong and durable.
9. Can Detect all kinds of metal, such as Iron, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, etc.
  • MD-700

  • SSR

  • China

  • Foods, Shoes, Clothes Processing Industry

Component of machine
MnZn               Metal detector head by Germany hardfill
Ramtron          USA ferromagnetic random access memory
OM/SEW         Japan  Oriental or German SEW motor
Habbsit           Swiss Habbsit conveyor belt
Schneider       French Schneider electrical appliances
Eaton               USA Eaton Power switcher
SUS304          The stainless steel 304 frame
【Technical Parameters】
Index Part Description

Apture of windows W700*H120
1 Width of check 600 mm
2 Height of check 90 mm
3 sensitivity * Fe≥1.0 mm, Sus≥2.0 mm
4 Width of conveyor belt 600mm
5 Length of conveyor belt 1800mm
6 Height of conveyor belt 380~750mm
7 Typical Belt Speed 24 m/min
8 Maximum Weights to drive 25kgs
10 Power 220V 1Phase or 380V 3phase, 400W
* The sensitivity would be affected according to the products being inspected  and working condition


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