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Food grade Combi metal detector Check weigher

Combined unit for metal and weight detection, Compact design, with two rejecting arms for respectively detecting metallic impurities and weight of product; It’s best solution for online metal and weight detection.
Germany HBM fast load cell
Metal detector head by German hardfill
Japan SMC pneumatic components
Weinview industrial touch screen
The stainless steel 304 frame
Detect load cell and else main parts are from USA and Europe. More details, please contact us.
  • MD-C
  • SSR
OEM machine are available.
# Item Description
1 Weighing range * 5~1200
2 weighing belt Type(L*W) 220*350
3 Minimum scale 0.1
4 Accuracy* 0.3
5 Sensitivity Fe≥0.8, NFe≥1.0,Sus≥1.5
6 Lenth of Combi 1150
7 Max throughput * 200
8 Height of conveyor belt 750~850
9 Reject device Air or Flip arm or else type
Sound alarm
10 Power 220V AC 1Phase, 200W
*within the approved tolerances, depending on the type,weight, dimensions and Operating environment
** RS232,USB,Ethernet,Printer, Waterproof etc.


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