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MD-220 Professional automatic food grade metal detector Scanner With buzzer alarm

Applications: aquatic products, quick frozen, extruded and salted foods

Simple and convenient to use
All equipment parameters of detection are locked automatically
Can just place needs detected on conveyors
System of detection will recognize automatically
Can detect iron, stainless steel, copper and all types of metal chips
Can mix with products as well as some of non-metal transmitting electricity and magnetism
Can record up to 100 types of various products
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Our advantages:
Technical design
INDEX Part SR series
(high-performance models)
Else Chinese brand
(economic models)
1 Advantage
1. Hard filling technology and special design one-piece coil balance technology, the Metal detector have better stability.
2. An intelligent learning function, automatically set parameters, simple operation
3. Multiple filtering algorithm, X - R orthogonal decomposition algorithm, stronger anti-interference
4.Phase intelligent tracking technology, better stability
5.Anti-interference photoelectric isolation drive
No stable and self-learning function
Analog Technology, can’t anti-interference.
The Metal Detector detects all metal impuritiessuch as Iron, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, etc.
Base on adaptable DDS phase technology , DSP technology ,high efficiency Power Amplifiers, they can improve detection sensitivity and  stability;
Multi-Frequency technology can be selected at factory, provides field flexibility for the introduction of products.
Base on flexible multiple product memories for rapid product change over and data storage.
Conveyor and accessories
INDEX Part SR series
(high-performance models)
Else Chinese brand
 (economic models)
1 Conveyor
1.       High quality stainless steel 304, Ni content is 8%
2.       The 6 mm thickness stainless steel 304 wings, high strength, Ni content is 8%.
Thinner Stainless steel or using SUS201
2 Conveyor
1. Habbsit PU beltSwiss
2. The food-grade white PU material
 Chinese local brand belt, no Food grade Belt
3 Motor Oriental MotorJapan Chinese local brand
4 Pneumatic components SMCJapan Chinese local brand
5 InverterVFD Lenze (German) Chinese local brand
6 Roller Sus304 Silicon or Chromed Iron
7 Signal tower SchneiderFrench Chinese local brand
8 Power switch EATON USA Chinese local brand



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