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10 head multihead weigher with dimpled buckets for sticky food package

Use range: Sticky foods and wet products: QQ candy, frozen shrimp, frozen meat ball, frozen fish, dumplings, cut vegetable, salad, fruit piece, etc
Weight range: 25g-500g/dump, ideal to weight 1kgs per bag
Max speed: 70bags/min
Weight accuracy: X (0.5g)
Buckets: 10 weighing buckets with 1.3L hopper
Operate language: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, etc
Driven: By step motor
Power: 1500W
Voltage: 110V/ 220V, 50/60HZ
Touch Screen: 10.4 Inch, colorful displayed
Dimension: 1436*1086*1258

  • SR-W10D
  • SSR
  1. Weighing hoppers can dump one by one to avoid products jammed.
  2. Can save 99 groups memory
  3. Can adjust each Linear Feeder separately
  4. Available option: Main Feeder Sensor, Products level Weight Detector


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