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304 Stainless Steel Stagger Electric Automatic 10 Head scale

Idea to weight Potato slice and chip, salads, raisin, oatmeal, candy, peanut, walnut kernel, apricot kernel, popped food, sugar, jelly, frozen dumpling, meatball, crude drugs, gourmet powder, salt, solid beverage etc.
Or it can weight Non food: screws, nuts, toys.
  • SR-W10-2L

  • SSR

  1. Can see each bucket weight through the screen
  2. Can set the bucket open one by one, so that the big piece or easy break products will not discharge together and jam the input tube of the packing machines and reduce the break late of the products.
  3. Can set the operator password, so that the user cannot change the main setting easily, easy for operator to manage the machine.
  4. Up to 12 languages to choose.
  5. Can set the bucket open time manually according to your need, so that the products will not block inside of the buckets.
  6. Photograph eyes to check the products: if the products on the top corner is not enough for next dump, it will give signal to the packing machine to let it stop baging and at the same time will give the signal to the conveyor to let it send products.
  7. Optional parts: collection bucket, reject function bucket (2open doors, one for the right weight products pass, one for rejecting the over/down weight products);
  8. IP 64 (default) or IP65 (Option)
Technical data: 
Hopper size 2.0L or 2.5L
Head quantity 10 Heads
Each dump weighing range 10-1000g
Combination capacity Max 3000ml
Max speed 70 bags/min
Length of material Max 80mm
Each bag error 0.2-0.5g
Weighing accuracy X0.5 g
Mode of driving Step motor
Form of dipper Double-row non-memory dippers
Preset function Max 99 choices
Material The part contacting materials is made of stainless steel
Level control Photo-electricity (past type)



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