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Tri-level 8Head Weigher with Memory Hopper Digital balancing machine

It is applicable for fragile and precision required bulk objects packaging such as Dry food , puffed food, crispy rice, Basked Beans, Cashew nuts, jelly, candy, chip, chocolate, hardware items, medicines and etc.
  • SR-W8

  • SSR

Unique Advantages:

  1. With Memory hopper, the amount of available combination will be higher, so it can get higher accuracy than other Multihead weigher without Memory Hopper.

  2. Pipeline structure of 60 degree discharging chute enables smooth flowing to reduce producti breakage

  3. Newest Vibrating Motor driven by PWM, feeding becomes more accurate and higher efficient.

  4. Mould Electrical control system and CAN Bus communication structure, easy to maintain and upgrade.

  5. Can be upgraded to get speed 120 wpm(max)

Technical data:

Model #Volume of Weighing HopperMax. Liter per single DischargeMax. weight speedWaterproof levelPower
SR-W8-P2.0 L1000g / 3L65 WPMStandard:IP64
Optional: IP65
200~240V, 50-60Hz, 2KW
SR-W8-H2.0L100g / 1.0L120 WPMStandard:IP64
Optional: IP65
200~240V, 50-60Hz, 2KW



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