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14 Head weighing hopper scale food multihead scale for Cereal,Pasta,Candy,Seed,Chips,Coffee Beans,Nut,Puffy Food,Biscuit,Chocolate

Leisure food: potato chips biscuit jelly confectionary sweet beans snack food
Agriculture products: rice dry fruit cereal vegetable(onion, potato, etc) spicy
Frozen Seafood: meat ball dumpling prepared food
Industry products: connectors rubber part hardware part
Pharmaceutical Industry: pills small granule bags
  • SR-W14

  • SSR

Standard Features:
1.     Photo-sensor eye control material feeding level;  
2.     The displayed weight is very close to the actual weight value;  
3.     High precision digital load cell;  
4.     Linear feeder amplitude can be auto/manual adjusted separately;
5.     Touch screen control panel;  
6.     Recovery the defaulting program settings;  
7.     Hopper open for clean;
8.     Stagger dump for puffy material;  
9.     Free tool mount and dismantle parts;
Unique advantages:
10.4 inch large color touch screen with more stable and sensitivity performance
User-friendly icons design for simple operation
Include sufficient practical-useful function settings
Free set the parameter value during running
Screen with SS outlet covering avoid external shock
All the main menus can be observed at one screen
Simultaneous display the load cell weight separately on running;  
Individual modular control system for each actuator and vibrator
Quick start and save the product recipe program setting
Self fault-diagnosis alarm with report and reset function
Multi-point dump function can be set and control on the same screen
Model# W14-1L W14-1.3L W14-2L
Bucket Volume 1 Liter 1.3 Liters 2 Liters
Instructor Material contacted surfaces and chassis are made by S.S.304, water proof
Touch Screen 10.1 inch
Weighing range 20-1000 grams or more
Speed  ≤120 bags/min
Accuracy level Level X(2)
Power Requirement: 220V / 2000W
Language Operation Menu can be chosen 3 languages in Chinese, English, Italian, Spanish, and French. For else special language, customer must provide the text of translation.



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