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Digital weighing system Checkweigher machines with buzzer alarm for bags bottles

Special designed to check the single bag weight is conformed to the preset target weight or not. If over or less weight will be rejected out by the rejection device, qualified bags will be passed to next equipment.
It can work for bags, jars, bottles, etc
  • CW-1.2

  • SSR

# Items Features
1 World-famous parts 1.  High accuracy Weight Sensor imported from Germany directly
2.  Japanese brand OM water-proof Motor
3.  Japanese brand NMB bearing
4.  Japanese brand E-SIN Roller
5.  Swiss brand Habbsit Conveyor belt and Timing belt
6.  CNC one-piece structure parts
7.  Japanese brand Panasonic Transducer
8.  Japanese brand Oriental Motor
9.  SMC pneumatical parts
2 Inferior machine lower computer 1.  Lower computer  software
2.  The signal processing circuit is  32bit ST Microelectronics.
3.  Ultra low noise amplifier circuit uses TI (American brand)
4.  High accuracy Digital Analog Convertor
3 Touch Screen and Weighing program
机界面和称重软件 (台湾 Winview
1.  Winview Touch screen, Taiwan brand
2.  Special program basing on weighing system
3.  7" 800x480 TFT LCD
4.  NO fan cooling system
5.  Including Built-in storage memory & perpetual calendar
6.  IP65 protect
7.  LED backlight
8.  Including USB host and USB client,SD memory card slot
9.  Including Power isolation protector
4 Mechanical Structure 1.  SUS 304 machine frame
2.  Adjustable universal Pedal feet
3.  SUS 304 electrical control box

Model: CW-1.2 
Index Part Description
1 Weighing range * 10-1200g
2 Accuracy* ±0.3 g
3 Minimum scale 0.1g
4 Max throughput 3~80m/min, 100pps
5 Detected products’Size L<=300mm; W <=220mm; H>=3mm
6 Alarm Sound Alarm and Light indicator
7 Power 220V 1Phase, 200W, 50-60Hz
*within the approved tolerances, depending on the weight, dimensions and Operating environment


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