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High speed automatic conveyor check weigher Weight Sorting Machine

1. New designed mechanical structure, improving the measurement accuracy and speed
2. Mechanical designed to comply with food and pharmaceutical hygiene standards
3. Quick release drive unit for easy cleaning and maintenance
4. German precision load cell and high-speed weighing signal processing module, to ensure that the system is stable and accurate
5. 100 product presets, easy to edit and switching
6. Intelligent parameter configuration, adjusted sorting settings according to the product size
7. Easy-to-use operating system and HMI interface
8. With high capacity weighing logging feature, quickly find and output data interface
9. CNC machining of structural components, excellent dynamic stability
10. 304 stainless steel frame, strong and durable
  • CW-220

  • SSR

Index Part Description
1 Weighing range * 3~1200 g
2 Accuracy* ±0.5 g
3 Minimum scale 0.1 g
4 Max throughput  * 120 pcs/min
5 Size of weighing conveyor(L*W) 220*350 mm,220*450 mm
6 Height of conveyor belt 750~850 mm
7 Rejecting device Air jet,Down belt,Flipper, Pusher
8 Power 220V 1Phase, 200W
*within the approved tolerances, depending on the weight, dimensions and Operating environment

** RS232,USB,Ethernet,Printer, Waterproof etc.


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